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    Food Sensitivity Test by KBMO Diagnostics


    Food Sensitivities affect more than 100 million people worldwide. They are very difficult to identify because the symptoms can be delayed up to 72 hours after eating.

    Food sensitivity symptoms are also many and varied and we have listed some of them below from a clinical study we ran: 

    • Anxiety / Depression 
    • Inability to Lose Weight 
    • Fatigue / Insomnia 
    • Constipation / Diarrhoea 
    • Bloating / Stomach Pain 
    • Impotence / Libido 
    • Joint Pain 
    • Craving Sugar 

    The Food Sensitivity Tests by KBMO Diagnostics are patented, multi-pathway delayed food sensitivity tests. These tests use patented technology that measures both IgG and Immune Complexes, the most common food-related pathways in the body. This enables the FIT test to be able to identify food sensitivities, inflammation, and leaky gut from a single test.

    The different variants include FIT 22, FIT 132, and FIT 176 - which include different numbers of foods, colorings, and additives spanning most major food groups. For example, the FIT 22 includes 22 item tests, and so-on-so-forth for the other variants.

    Whereas, the Gut Barrier Panel helps practitioners differentiate the levels of gut dysfunction, from simple sensitivity to inflammation to more extreme levels of leaky gut. It measures IgG 1-4 /C3d and IgA 1-2 for three important gatekeeper markers. It is included in the FIT 176 and FIT 132 tests.

    You can consult with a medical practitioner or our experts to guide you with buying the perfect test for you.



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