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    Unlock the power of your gut microbiome with the most accurate and comprehensive stool test available. Whether you have irritable bowel syndrome or Ulcerative Colitis, leaky gut syndrome or small intestine bacterial overgrowth, GI Map will help you find the root cause of your symptoms and improve your gut health. With Nutranourish, you get a detailed explanation of the report and actionable recommendations by IFM-certified Functional Medicine practitioner, Dr Menka Gupta.


    Which Health Issue Does It Help?

    • Gas
    • Bloating
    • Abdominal Pain
    • Diarrhea
    • Constipation
    • GERD, reflux, acidity
    • IBS
    • Fatigue
    • Chronic Skin Conditions
    • Chronic Anemia etc.
    • Autoimmune Disease
    • Mood Disorders, Anxiety, Depression
    • Diabetes, Weight Loss
    • Brain Fog

    If you've answered yes to any of these questions, our advanced gastrointestinal test may be the answer


    Available Globally From The Comfort Of Your Home.

    Your Gut Microbiome Could Help You Prevent Gut Issues

    Learn how your GUT MICROBIOME affects your digestion, bowel movement, nutrient absorption and inflammation. Get actionable insights to help you manage and prevent gut health issues.




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    What Biomarkers Does It Evaluate And Check For You:

    The biomarkers on the GI Effects Comprehensive Profile reflect the 3 key functions of gut health which are:

    • Pathogens- Bacterial pathogen, Parasitic pathogens, Viral Pathogens
    • H.Pylori & Virulence factors
    • Commensal Bacteria
    • Opportunistic bacteria
    • Inflammatory/ Autoimmune bacteria
    • Fungi/Yeast
    • Parasite- Worm, Protozoa
    • Intestinal health marker- DIGESTION, IMMUNE RESPONSE, INFLAMMATION

    Why Is Our Gut Microbiome Test Better?

    The GI-MAP (Microbial Assay Plus) is unique in the field of comprehensive stool testing. It relies exclusively on quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) technology to detect parasites, bacteria, fungi, and more, by targeting the specific DNA of the organisms tested.

    Benefit Of Good Gut Health

    Improved Digestion

    Better Regularity

    Increased Nutrient Absorption

    Less Inflammation

    A good digestive system is necessary for optimal health. Gut issues can negatively impact your quality of life, making every day tasks a challenge. Many people find that their gut symptoms improve when they learn and implement changes to their diet through getting Gastrointestinal Testing. Most importantly, improving digestion and reducing the inflammation can help to turn around the course of gut health. It can help manage your symptoms, reduce the risk of complications from gut issues, prevent recurrence of flare-ups and improve your quality of life.

    Here's what our clients

    Here's What Our Clients Have To Say About Our Tests

    Improved Digestion

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    Better Bowel Regularity

    Less Bloating


    I did the gut health test and found the information from the test very useful and it gave me great clarity for the root cause of my issues. I found the instructions to do the test very easy to follow.

    Abhay Chopra


    I did the Gut microbiome test. I didn’t find doing the test straightforward but after finishing I realized they’re easier than I thought. The results were useful references, but I couldn’t understand them much. After getting the explanation from Dr Gupta, I find them useful. The test results combined with the explanation and plan of action are helpful.

    Haya Al Ghanim


    Gut microbiome test was extremely helpful and was super easy to do. I think having a test done like this is vital, before that it was all sort of a guessing game due to my various symptoms. I am thankful that the test shows very accurate results so we know what to do to tackle and work on moving forward. I highly recommend the test to others on their wellness journey.

    Renee L

    Get your GI map Gut Health Test in 3 simple steps


    Order your stool kit through our website.


    A fast, simple process. Collect your stool samples. Thereafter, place samples back into the return package provided and wait for our courier service to pick up.


    Once we receive your samples, it will take our laboratory 3 business weeks to process the samples. You will then receive your final report through the email.

    How Does Knowing Your Gut Microbiome Help You


    The gut microbiome affects the body from birth and throughout life by controlling the digestion of food, the immune system, the central nervous system and other bodily processes. Knowledge of how gut health can be influenced by external factors enables the development of personalised health programs not only in supporting gut health issues but also to improve overall health and prevent disease.


    Ultimate Guide To Improve Gut Health With Functional Medicine

    Gut health is an important aspect of health. It is not overstated that your gut health can influence almost every aspect of your life.

    Read more

    Autoimmunity: A Case Study

    Ulcerative colitis (UC) is an autoimmune related disease that causes inflammation and sores, called ulcers, in the lining of the rectum and colon.

    Read more

    The Gut Microbiome: Who’s hosting whom?

    You have 10 times more bacteria in your gut than cells in your body. Those bacteria also comprise 99 percent of the DNA in your body. So, If only 1 percent of our DNA is human and 99 percent is alien, you have to ask the question, who is hosting whom?

    Read more


    What sets NutraNourish GI map report apart?

    Detailed Explanation

    Actionable Insights by FM expert

    Scientifically Proven

    Data Privacy Ensured

    Find the Root Cause of your Gut Issues

    Accurate and Comprehensive

    Ulcerative colitis

    Menka was introduced to us by friends who had benefited from her programme. We worked with Menka to address GUT issues that our 9-year old faced. She had frequent tummy aches with headaches and after multiple hospitalisations, doctors diagnosed her as suffering from IBD and gastritis and wanted her to start steroid treatment which all came as a shock to us. Through Menka, she systemically did many other tests that pinpointed her food allergies, bacterial issues in the lower and upper intestines which were the causes of the inflammation. And, then we started on her treatment programme which was all holistic and used herbal remedies as well as the elimination of certain foods. Throughout the journey which had its ups and downs, Menka guided us on lifestyle changes, food intake and habit changes and also where needed, pointed us to other professionals for help. Menka is a gentle, patient and very knowledgeable and helpful person who always listens to us parents and provides guidance and support. Now my daughter is much better

    Logan Chettiar


    A decade of struggle with my chronic stomach issues like bloating, palpitations, giddiness, burping and indigestion. I was bedridden and had episodes of hospital visits. This was how my life was for the past 10 years until I consulted Dr Menka Gupta.She gave me a holistic approach to my gut issues. Her assessments were done step by step to find out the root cause for my condition. I was treated only for the symptoms in the hospital which evaded and rebounded again in a month. My gut health became haywire. Dr Gupta explained to me clearly how functional medicine works holistically and how to settle my stomach issues. I have been travelling with Nutra Nourish for the past 1 year. I feel so good with no hospital visits and terrible symptoms. With a lot of positive thought, I am continuing my healing journey with Dr Menka. Many thanks to her for changing my lifestyle.

    Maithu s

    Constipation & Eczema

    I consulted Dr Menka for my 9year old son for a gut healing program. He was facing problems like constipation and skin eczema. We started with the basic food allergies tests and stool analysis. Dr’s diagnosis was leaky gut. I followed the program for about 6months. And my son’s conditions improved slowly. I am very happy with the progress and the improvements my son made. I would highly recommend the gut-healing program if one has symptoms.

    Beenish Kharal

    Ulcerative colitis

    I have been an IBD patient for over twelve years, with a recent relapse of extreme symptoms. I am glad I reached out to Menka over a year back. She has been a wealth of information and has channelized my work with this disease with a very new and forward-looking perspective. It involves a lot of dedication, but has been so worth the effort and the money spent on my health, working with Menka.

    Aarti Mundae

    Abdominal pain, Hypertension, Cholesterol

    I would like to thank Dr Menka and Nutra Nourish for changing my life. I was suffering from severe pain abdomen for many years with a poor quality of life and even though I’m a doctor myself and consulted many doctors, no one could give a proper diagnosis. Thanks to Dr Menka for recognising my problem and also inducing a healthier lifestyle. She not only managed to help with my pain but also with the help of nutrients and home remedies helped to normalize my blood pressure and cholesterol and I could stop taking medications. I would personally recommend her.

    Dr Nazura Parvez


    I was seeing Dr Menka for my gut issues and reflux. She is very professional and adopts a step by step approach to addressing my health concerns. She puts in place a suitable supplement plan, diet, as well as recipes suitable for my health issues. I am seeing improvement in my gut problems and have learned to eat healthily as well. Thanks, Dr Menka.

    Josephine Rita

    Gastroesophageal reflux disease

    Menka turned my gut health around! When I went to see her I had bad acid reflux and ongoing nausea daily, through access to cutting edge testing and some specific supplementation we cleaned up my gut and healed the damage. I had seen numerous doctors try and solve this issue but aside from prescribing ongoing medicines to mask the symptoms, no one could really find the root cause. I am so thankful to Menka for all her expertise and advice and would highly recommend her!

    Zoe McGee

    Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

    We have had the pleasure of working with Menka Gupta in solving the problems my then 11-year old daughter Mille was experiencing with eczema, diarrhoea and bloating.

    Throughout her upbringing, we have been disregarded by ordinary doctors when requesting to find the underlying cause – “just use this cortisone cream and feed her more fibre”. One doctor instructed us to follow the Low Fodmap diet, but without any proper follow-up and reintroduction of food, eczema returned full force and now we had no idea at all what was causing it. Menka was very gentle in her approach and in the consultations with my daughter. It was wonderful to finally have someone look at the full picture of her health history in order to find the underlying cause and lead her on the right track to healing her gut and body. Menka was very good at explaining how the body, brain, and gut connection work so that also my daughter could understand, which made Mille committed in following the 5 “R” gut healing program. Though it can be hard to say “no” to the ordinary likings of kids, Mille did well. It has been a journey that has widened our food repertoire and though we were eating healthy before, our diet and cooking have improved tremendously and the food tastes so much better. It doesn’t come easy, but it is so much worth it! After the 5 “R” program back in 2106 Mille was free of her symptoms, but unfortunately, perforated appendicitis and heavy antibiotic treatment caused a flare-up in symptoms. Now living in Norway, Menka helped once more through Skype calls and email, making a plan for quick recovery. Mille is now 13, and a strong-willed teenager fed up with symptoms and strict diets, but we know what to do to get back on track. Again it is not an easy fix, but we know we will get there eventually.

    On a side note, I can inform you that I followed the 5 “R” program eating the same diet as Mille in sympathy to support her. I did not feel unhealthy before, however, cutting out milk and wheat/gluten I experienced the symptoms of arthritis in my finger joints disappear as well having a better bowel movement and stubborn cellulitis gone. Win-Win 😉

    Our family gives Menka our highest recommendation – it is such a pleasure working with her.

    The Jensen Family

    Autoimmune diseases

    Finding Menka is like a dream come true to me. I always wanted to have a health provider who is really good in his/her field, practices a holistic approach, believes in natural treatment, specific in giving treatment, one that I can have a discussion with, who can explain what’s going on and willing to answer questions, so it is like teamwork rather than a “boss-subordinate” relationship. Those I found in Menka, plus she is not only having a medical background but also a Personalised Nutritionist and Functional Medicine Practitioner.

    I suffer from an Autoimmune disease called Sjögren Syndrome, and my condition was quite a mess when I met Menka. I was weak, easily tired, sometimes breathless, very limited in doing my own daily activities which forced me to be dependent on others. Cough out mucus daily due to my lung problem, had joint pains in my upper extremities mostly, couldn’t swallow solid food, had dry eyes, mood swings, easily irritated, and many other symptoms.

    So, deciding to join the Functional Medicine program given by Menka, doing Functional Medicine cutting edge tests and unique that I had never seen and known before, we discovered many underlining problems within my body that related to my autoimmune condition. Within 7-8 months of treatment I already feel so much better especially energy-wise, I am mostly independently doing my daily activities, most of my symptoms disappeared such as joint pains, tiredness and fatigue, coughing and mucus, sleeping better and yet the only major things that I did were diet and supplementing designed specifically according to my body needs. I no longer used my eye drops because I didn’t experience dryness in my eyes, I started having back my swallowing ability and gaining weight. Today when I wrote my testimony, I was already back on doing my work (in a time when I was healthy), even doing many more activities and work, I can swallow solid food and eat normally.

    I am still in the program and will continue to do so until all my Autoimmune related problems have been taken care of, there’s no other field that can fix my Autoimmune condition except Functional Medicine (based on my own experience), and I am glad I am part of it and find good health provided like Menka.

    Sharon (Indonesia)

    Personalised microbiome results in just 3 weeks.

    Here's how.

    1. Choose

    We also take in international orders too, just indicate upon check out.

    2. Order

    Order your choice of test kit.

    3. Payment

    Make your payment upon checkout.

    4. Deliver

    Wait for your test kit to be delivered.

    5. Collect, Send

    Collect stool sample and wait for our courier to pick up.

    6. Results

    Receive your self-explanatory report with a clear action plan. *Consult our Functional medicine expert should you require a personalised program.

    The Process

    Process Image

    Purchase the test here or in our clinic


    Take the test in the comfort of your home and simply pass the sample to our courier service.


    Your results are analysed by Diagnostic Solutions laboratory in the US


    We will email you the gut health report in 3 weeks. If you want you can further consult our functional medicine practitioners who are experts in interpreting the dutch report and will make the program to help improve your gut health.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The lab test kit will be arranged within 3 working days (in Singapore) and up to 3 weeks (overseas) of the payment.

    For Singapore clients:

    The lab test kit will be arranged within 3 working days of the payment.

    For Overseas clients:

    The lab test(s) will be arranged within 2 weeks of the payment.

    We will send the lab test kit to your home and instructions on how to collect the samples will be in the test kit.

    For Singapore clients:

    You will also receive an email with instructions on how to send the samples to the lab overseas with our courier partner. After the collection of the sample is done (Singapore clients), you will need to let us know one working day in advance and we will arrange a courier to pick up your samples and take them to the laboratory.

    For Overseas clients:

    The instructions to courier the lab kit with our courier partners will be in the kit itself.

    Yes, For the local client - The required documents will be sent to you by email upon shipping confirmation.
    For the overseas client - The required documents will be provided in your test kit

    This is the top advanced functional testing lab in the USA, Diagnostic Solution laboratory.

    Your sample must be received by the lab within 5 days of collection. If you cannot ship the specimen on the day of collection, refrigerate the sample (DO NOT freeze) and ship within 3 days.

    Monday to Friday

    Stool sample

    Please follow the instructions given In the kit so that the samples are collected properly. Rarely, the samples are not good to be assessed by the lab and will need recollection.

    We will notify you as soon as the lab informs us to resend the samples. We will arrange the lab kit and kit delivery for free for you, but there will be a courier fee charged to you to courier the samples to the lab.

    If your insurance is comprehensive and covers functional medicine or functional nutrition, then only the labs can be covered. Please check with your insurance provider to check if they cover these services.

    It will take 3-4 weeks to receive your results.

    You may book a consultation with our functional medicine practitioner.

    Your Gut Microbiome Could Help You Prevent Gut Issues

    Learn how your GUT MICROBIOME affects your digestion, bowel movement, nutrient absorption and inflammation. Get actionable insights to help you manage and prevent gut health issues.




    402 Orchard Road, Delfi Orchard
    #03-07, Singapore 238876