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    NutraNourish Mind

    Are you looking to better understand the key biological processes that contribute toward the risk of development of mental health disorders, whether current or future? This testing provides insight to the prevention and support of mental health disease through a comprehensive analysis of the genes involved in such a disorder.

    COVID-19 is disrupting every aspect of our daily lives, leaving many to cope with increased stress and anxiety. While the fear and stress caused by COVID-19 may have serious implications for mental health, genetic factors can also impact one’s risk of developing a mental health issue. Genes determine how individuals respond to stress and develop resilience, and they affect the way medications metabolize in the body.


    Here are some areas that NutraNourish MIND uncovers:

    • Mood disorders - Depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder & post-traumatic stress disorder
    • Addictive behavior – Risk for alcohol, nicotine, eating disorders (binge eating)
    • Neurodegenerative disorders – mild cognitive decline and late onset Alzheimer’s disease

    The NutraNourish MIND Report provides:

    • ​​Provision of a baseline for nutritional consulting and the management of chronic illness.
    • Consumer friendly graphics to assist with patient understanding of the report.
    • Results are designed to be used as an interface with functional medicine testing.
    • Grounded in solid science, based on SNPs that are well researched and actionable