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    Our DNA tests focus on health management, dietary disposition, athletic performance and drug metabolism. Each genetic test provides insight and delve deeper into the topic to uncover the specific underlying issues based on principles of functional medicine.

    We have nutrigenomics certified functional medicine practitioners that will provide you with professional clinical insights and the most effective strategies to tackle them.


    The report will inform actionable interventions centered on individualised lifestyle strategies that leverage diet, targeted activity, environmental awareness, and nutritional supplements.

    Guided by Experts in Nutrigenomics

    Data Privacy Ensured
    (European Standard)

    99.9% Accurate with World Top Labs

    Clinically Significant

    Scientifically Proven

    Practical, User-Friendly Reports

    Actionable Insights

    Functional Nutrition & Supplements

    Benefits of Genetic Testing

    Personalised Health Program / Improved Health

    Diet, lifestyle, exercise and environment interact with an individual's genes and impact health. We can tailor a personalised health program based on your unique genes and lifestyle.

    Disease Prevention

    Understanding your genes can a vital first step to prevent risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cholesterol issues.

    Peak Fitness

    Gain the most from training programs and achieve gæak fitness with information to optimise your power, endurance, recovery and reduce injury risk.

    Optimal Mental Health

    Gain insight on mood disorders, addictive behaviours, Alzheimer's and take early action.

    Weight Management

    Find optimal diet and exercise plan based on your genes to accelerate your weight loss.

    Preventative, Personalised, Holistic Healthcare based on your genes

    NutraNourish HEALTH

    NutraNourish DIET

    NutraNourish SPORT

    NutraNourish SKIN

    NutraNourish MIND

    NutraNourish OESTROGEN

    NutraNourish PREGNANCY

    NutraNourish MEDCHECK

    NutraNourish METHYLATION

    Get your DNA test in 3 simple steps.


    Order your DNA kit through our website.


    A fast, simple process. Collect your DNA sample simply by rubbing q-tip gently against cheek. Thereafter, place samples back into the return packags provided and wait for our courier service to pick up.


    Once we receive your DNA samples, it will take our laboratory 3 business weeks to process the samples. You will then receive your final DNA testing results through the mail.

    Personalised genetic results in just 3 weeks.

    Here's how.


    We also take in international orders too, just indicate upon check out.
    *Contact us to decide the most appropriate testing.


    Order your choice of test kit.


    Make your payment checkout.


    Wait for your test kit to be delivered to your

    Swab, Send

    Conduct the straightforward testing and wait for our courier to pick up.


    Receive your self-explanatory report. *Consult our Nutrigenomic experts should you require a more detailed breakdown.

    The DNA and the original sample material will be disposed after 3 months, so no names or other identifiers on the sample will be retained. The samples are analysed only for the SNPs that are included in the tests at our European lab, and no research or analyses are performed without a separate permission from the patient. We do not give or sell the results to third parties.